How CloudRetails Marketplace Works

For Suppliers,OEMs and Sellers:

In order to complete your registration seamlessly, please make sure you have following information in advance.
1. Tax Registration Number issued in your Country.(GSTIN,Business ID,VAT Number etc)
Partnership by Distribution
It means that our company signs the supply contract with the supplier in the form of a contract for the distribution of goods, and the ownership of the goods belongs to the supplier. The supplier's products are sold by our company internationally and orders are fullfilled by CloudRetails and backed by suppliers. If the any return conditions evolves for sold items, it can be returned to the supplier. The products sold by the distribution goods are regularly settled according to the sales volume, and are fixed by sales.
Partnership by purchase and sale
It refers to the cooperation mode in which our company signs the purchase and supply contract with the supplier in the form of purchase and sale contract, and settles the payment according to the agreed billing period.
Partnership on behalf of Suplier
It means that our company has signed relevant cooperation agreements with suppliers to clarify the supply relationship. The suppliers will directly deliver the goods to the end customers, and will regularly settle the payment according to the sales volume.

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For Affiliate Program:

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